Rehtric Firewind


I am Balican. I was born towards the end of the Brown Age,in the Arena Precinct of Balic, to Ortanulan and Alisanna Firewind. My father used to be a slave, long ago he won his freedom at the Criterion, and fell in love with my mother, who at the time worked as a political representative for House Jarko.

I was born free, my father reminded me every day just how lucky I am. I grew up amongst the gladiator slaves and the trainers at House Jarko. Slaves were be brought in to fight in the arena as entertainment for Andropinis. House Jarko had to make sure that these slaves had every chance at survival before going into the Criterion.

My father, after winning his freedom, continued to work for House Jarko preparing other slaves for the trials they would soon have to face. My mother had always had her hopes held high. When I turned six she had gained a spot to be a representative for one of the Patricians that was on the council in Balic. That is the same yeah that my brother Kozah was born. He was a great little brother, he started walking a year before I did. He was a quick little bugger.

For years Kozah and I grew up in an ideal world… at least for Athas anyway. We were always testing each other. Kozah won the races and I won the fights. When I was 12 and he was 6 we lost our parents.

Rehtric Firewind

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