The Gardens of Nibenay


Templar by the name of Mira leads a group of people down dark torch lit tunnels, along with another Templar by the name of Adda. The small group has been heading down the tunnels of the palace of Nibenay for several minutes now.

Besides the two Templars in the group there are two other humans, one half-elf, and a mul. The half-elf is a street performer known as Eli “Smiling” Jackal. Eli has been living in the streets of Nibenay since he was born. He has stolen, tricked, preformed, and bluffed his way through life. He like other masters of the arcane has the ashen stench of defiling about him. The human in the long clock and dark leather is Glafe an Athasian Minstrel and currently a spy for Nibenay. He has just returned from a mission to Tyr, to assess the unrest that had happened there recently. The other human is being pulled behind the Templars. His hands are bound tightly with giant’s hair rope; his feet are bound as well though only enough to keep him from running. His name is Rethric; he is a gladiator on loan from House Shom to King Nibenay. The mul is a competition gladiator known as Likka. She won her freedom in the arenas of Athas, though not coming out of it without a few scars. Mira is one of the favored templars to Nibenay, She is a Keeper in the palace library. She secretly has an interest the history of Athas itself. Adda is a recent addition to the templars that guard the palace. Before that she had a long career of exposing arcane users within the walls of Nibenay.


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